Monday, December 31, 2007

Scenes of Lucca, Italy

Recently I've been reading a mystery series written by Michael Dibben, an author who is very familiar with Italy and its regions. His central character, Aurelio Zen, is a detective for the Italian government who was born in Venice but is constantly transfered from city to city because he is effective enough to have job security but unpopular with his superiors because he solves cases regardless of the political consequences. The series brought back memories of the week I stayed in Lucca, a city in Tuscany. The series also made me realize that there are many more parts of Italy to explore.

The photos that I have included are from the walled old city. This is where we stayed at the recommendation of friends instead of the more modern section of the city located outside of the walls. If you ever do get the chance to stay for a few days, seriously consider doing that instead of rushing through the city in a line of tourists dropped off by a bus and watching for the green umbrella held up by your tour guide rather than the sights and sounds of Lucca. The warm and friendly people, relaxed open air cafes, narrow streets flowing with people and their histories will make your effort all worthwhile.