Thursday, January 24, 2008

London's Silly Side

Please don't misunderstand, I truly like London. Paris is my favorite city in the world, but London is an interesting city to spend time in. I particularly enjoyed walking the streets of London. Even if you take a tour bus and are not distracted by the act of driving, the speed at which you travel causes you to miss the flavor of neighborhoods that make up aspects of the city. The photos I've included here are just some of the quirky things that make present day London what it is. Yes, I know that it's a diverse city of centuries of tradition, but it is also in part the images of silly visions. There is more than enough room for both, and both aspects can be appreciated.

Consider the dryness behind the comment of the pitch for Lipton's Tea. Why would this be a taboo approach in America? Those phone booths that ask pertinent comments such as the relationship between dandruff and baldness.....who would have considered it but the English? The Lone Star Embassy Cantina-yes, there was an embassy of the short-lived Republic of Texas. What could the possible purpose of Pop Eye overlooking the Thames be, especially just across the way from the turf of the staid and majestic Big Ben?

Those of you who will be unable to see the sides of London and the rest of Britain in person in the near future, consider reading Bill Bryson's "Notes From a Small Island"-it's the next best thing to experiencing it yourself and a lot of fun as well.