Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paris by Water

These photos were taken while traveling on the BateauBus system along the Seine in the Fall. It was an excellent way to explore the city-a multiple day pass with the option of disembarking, exploring, then catching another BateauBus. The last photo is of houseboats that use the quays of Paris as their home base and occasionally venture along the canal system for a change of pace.

In my mind the combination of the city of Paris and its waterways is close to perfection in terms of travel experience. If anyone has another place in mind that I might want to explore, I'd be interested in your suggestion(s). Remember-while I have been in desert areas, I am most drawn to places that have water.

Thank you for stopping and letting me share parts of my travels with you.
As always, enjoy your own travels. Dare to venture beyond your present horizon and experience what is there.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Israel 1972-Part 2

These are the last of the photos in the series. During the month that I was in Israel, I only took a single roll of photos. What a difference in photography today-instant visual feedback with the option to either delete or edit. Of course there is also the advantage of having a 1GB memory stick instead of a roll of film with 24 photo capacity. Times have certainly changed for the better in the lives of the amateur photographer.

A couple of comments related to the photos, themselves. First of all, there are no people at all in this second part of the series. At this stage of my life, after three years in Kenya during which I tried not to look like a tourist, I was extremely cautious about even including people in the background. My attitude was, and still is to a great degree, that while I am a guest in someone’s country I intend to treat them with respect. This is how I wish to be treated in my own country. In any case, I hope that the photos present a flavor of the land of Israel. Secondly, I find it a bit ironic that the metal sea gull sculpture in the last photo is similar to those that now grace the harbor in Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA. From Tel Aviv to Sheboygan……Sheboygan has a recent tradition of “sampling” the works of other cities and adopting them as its own. My kids call it “sampling” and it sounds so much better than copying or ripping off the idea; it must be a generational thing.

I hope that you have enjoyed these scanned and edited 35 mm photos. One of my next projects will be to try to scan some of the photos taken in Morocco. The Moroccan photos will be in color, but may not appear for a few posts as I haven’t tried scanning slides before. Until next time, enjoy your travels-in whatever form they may be.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vermont Scenes

It is always a pleasure for me to find a scenic area that is unspoiled. I was fortunate to spend time in Middlebury, Vermont (USA) last September and would like to return there to explore further. These photos evoke a sense of peace and tranquility that I especially appreciated at the time, as I was on my way to visit my mother in her last stages of Alzheimer's Disease. If you can, visit Vermont in late September to early October-the changing fall colors are astounding.