Monday, November 24, 2008

Wisconsin Winter Wonderland?

Perhaps you're not ready for these images and are hoping that winter will never arrive. Perhaps you'll have yet to experience a snow-filled winter, or maybe never will. In any case, these are images of my experience this morning as I stepped outside of my house. I thought that I'd share them with you.

Are you a "winter person"? I am, at least to a degree. When I have lived in other countries (equatorial Kenya and Mediterranean Morocco) I missed winter and its snowfall. When there is no subzero wind chill (wind speed can lower the outside temperature from 32 degrees F (freezing) to 10 degrees F...uncomfortable) I enjoy the winter outdoors. On a clear sunny day I will walk or snowshoe with camera in hand and enjoy nature. On a day in which the roads are clear of ice, I'll even ride my bicycle. I've never considered becoming a "snow bird", one who lives in a northern climate during the summer and a southern climate during the winter. On the other hand, gray, sunless days depress me and make me lethargic. Long stretches of subzero (F) days make me housebound and very restless. Upon reflection, I'm a winter person with some reservations towards the whole state of being.

Today's snowfall is expected to melt and disappear, as will snows that fall in the next few weeks. January will bring a a more permanent winter scene. At least after this forewarning I will be mentally prepared for winter's onset, I think.

May your travels be safe and interesting. Thank you for visiting.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Taking the Long View

The photos in this post are similar in perspective, 'taking the long view'. They are also a reflection on the approach that I see for dealing with our present global economy and the political situation in my own country. (This is as close to a political commentary as I will have in this blog; I will keep my original promise.)

The scenes that you have in front of you are of

1. somewhere in northern Spain in the Pyrenees (I wish I'd kept a better journal)
2. Paris, France (I had wondered where all of the cars were parked)
3. La Rochelle, France (on a gray day and a later rainy night)
4. Lucca, Italy (the old city).

I enjoyed rummaging through my photo collection to put this post together. The process forced me to 'take the long view' as well, something I'm not always good at. Patience is a virtue, but is hard to come by at times. In any case, I hope that the end result was worth viewing.

As always, thank you for visiting. May your life travels be interesting.