Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wandering Through Madrid

You thought that you'd take a virtual tour of a Spanish city, didn't you? Instead, you are wandering through the town of "MAD-rid" as the residents call it. This version of Madrid is located on the Turquoise Trail and is about a 20 minute drive south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. At one time it was a mining town. When mining deteriorated, people moved away and it nearly became a ghost town. In recent years a colony of artists from all parts has settled there, making Madrid an interesting and colorful place to spend a few hours (there are no hotels or motels to stay in). This is where we ended up when we discovered that most of Santa Fe was closed for Easter Sunday.

Sometimes the most interesting places that you visit are those chosen by happenstance. A waitress in Santa Fe suggested that we spend part of our Easter there as restaurants and shops would be open. I'm glad that we took her advice, it was an unusual that included a brunch of cheesy herbed grits with pulled pork followed by numerous shops containing goods that ranged from "found art" , trashy imported souvenirs, and excellent locally made pottery, paintings, and woven goods. Madrid was also an excellent spot to people-watch; it brought to mind the 1960's with a western bent.

I hope that you enjoyed the images, even though they might not have been what you originally expected (isn't that what travel is all about?). Thank you for visiting. Feel free to leave your comments behind and come again sometime. May your own travels be interesting and enjoyable.

Next month I get to travel to Maine by train-I'm excited!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

People Uposed (with accompanying conjectures)

I thought that I'd present images with a different theme this time. While I rarely take photos of people, I have taken a few and would like to share them with you.

-The reenactor dressed in his colonial gear of the 1700's as he stood with his arms crossed facing a line of cars made me think of an unexpected time travel experience.

-The Beatles look-alikes are a "tribute band" who dress in different Beatles eras costumes and have an occasional tendency to sing off-key.

-The yawning girl riding a Batobus on the Seine and showing signs of being totally bored-evidence that the state of teenagerdom is universal. How can she be bored?!

-The young woman self-posing near the Eiffel Tower with her avante guarde transportation looking cool. Hmmmmmm...... a bit too much?

-The bicyclist sunbathing next to the bridge with the "NOT" graffiti- is he a rebel, or merely an accountant on an extended break?

I find the people who I observe as I travel interesting. Most of them never even notice the traveler, which puts the traveler in an anonymous state that can not be expereinced in his own community. Sometimes this can be an interesting situation, one in which I am more comfortable capturing a photo then when I am directly interacting with someone who I do not really know. These photos are examples of the results,I hope that you enjoyed them. Please feel free to leave a comment if you wish. May your own travels be interesting and enjoyable.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Water Visions

After a number of Southwestern posts, it's time for a change. All of these photos revolve around water. People who have access to water often take it for granted; those who struggle for it treasure every drop. There are no Super Soakers (an American water gun toy) in the desert, wasting water is both forbidden and deadly. As one who grew up around water and has intentionally found a spot to live that is near water, these water photos show settings that I can relate to. The photos that I took in New Mexico show me that I can appreciate the natural beauty found there, but I can not identify with the dryness of the land. Still, if all places were the same what would be the point of travel?

I realized that I should tell the "where" of it all. Top to bottom, they are photos of:
1. St. Giles in Brittany, France
2. Collioure in southern France
3. Florence, Italy
4. Paris, France

I hope that you enjoyed the photos. If you have comments, please feel free to leave them-they are appreciated. May your own travels be interesting, where ever they may take you.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Albuquerque Settings

Of all the places we visited on our trip to New Mexico, Old Town Albuquerque was my favorite. It was rambling, colorful, lively, and had a sense of community. When we return to the Southwest, there is where I would like to have our base of exploration. The images you have in front of you show some of the reasons I "bonded" with the city.

Thank you for visiting. May your own travels be interesting and enjoyable. Please feel free to leave comments if you wish, I enjoy reading them.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Santa Fe's Buddhas

Part of the joy of visiting both Santa Fe and Albuquerque was the unexpected that was encountered when you struck off onto a side street. Santa Fe's Canyon Road is a series of upscale art galleries that have a every different presence than places you find along the square of the Governor's Palace. As we wandered from gallery to gallery, our senses were bombarded by pottery, woven goods and heavy, metal sculptures. (I'll share some of those images in another post.) Off on a side street we came upon a setting that was far from the typical Southwestern experience. The Buddha-filled garden surrounding Project Tibet was one of those unexpected pleasures that were part of of trip. While the Project center was locked and uninhabited at the moment, I spent time exploring the garden and taking advantage of the photo opportunity. It is my hope that I was able to capture the sense of peace and beauty that is there.

Thank you for visiting, please feel free to come back. Also, feel free to leave a comment; comments that you leave are part of what makes publishing these posts worthwhile. May your own travels be interesting and enjoyable.