Saturday, September 25, 2010

Godshill, Isle of Wight

It is the sense of history rather than a sense of religion that draws to to the religious edifices of the world. While I was raised as an Episcopalian (American version of the Church of England) and have been a Zen Buddhist, I consider myself to be an atheist. When I travel to places like the Isle of Wight, I can not ignore its religious buildings if I want to capture a sense of culture.

The All Saints Church of Godshill on the Isle of Wight was built sometime in the 15th Century (Christian Era). As you walk through its doors, you are hit by a coolness of temperature and the mustiness of age. Walking between its walls was a walk through time. The church is off of the beaten path and not crowded with tourists. It is also still actively used 600 years after it was originally built. The photographs in this post try to present some of the characteristics that have grown into its being over the ages. The religious icons, the statue of a crusader, and a tract on the benefits of Christian Vegetarianism are all part of its history.

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit to a part of British culture. Thank you for visiting, please stop by again. As you notice from my previous post date, my resolution to put this blog aside was very short-lived. The fact is, we have become part of each others' lives and I don't want to end that relationship. So, as that singing duo of the mid 1960's (Sonny and Cher) once said, "The beat goes on".

May your travels be both interesting and enjoyable as you seek out new places beyond your present horizon or just revisit a favorite old place that you found sometime in your past.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wandering Off the Beaten path

Hi Fellow Traveler,

I haven't posted for a while because there haven't been any viewer responses to what I have posted. To be honest, your comments are what have made blogging meaningful to me. An important part of traveling to me is the sharing of the images that I have found and the experiences that I have had and the interaction that results.What I'm going to do for the moment is not post here and concentrate on the Flickr groups that I belong to. Feel free to follow the Flickr link if you wish. It won't be quite the same, because I won't be able to comment as much, perhaps that's just as well.;-}

Those of you who have followed me over the years, thank you. I have enjoyed getting to know you and have followed your blogs as well. I feel it was unfortunate that Verve Earth no longer connects us as it used to.The is now a gap in the blogging community.

If you wish to leave a comment at this post, I will answer it and very likely resume my posts. Also feel free to contact me at any case, may your travels be both interesting and enjoyable.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Signs of Fall/Labor Day Weekend Ramblings

There are times to travel and times to refrain from travel. In my mind, if you are in the United States on Labor Day weekend, it's a time to refrain. Labor Day weekend lasts for three days and was started as a time to celebrate the American worker. It is also the last gasp of summer before school sessions are in full swing and family travel plans are more limited. As a result, American highways often face bumper to bumper traffic over the weekend and places that you would find interesting are wall to wall with people. I have traveled over labor Day weekend, but I prefer to opt for local activities and go to those interesting places when they are not so overwhelmed by people.

The photos in this post show images of the Sheboygan,Wisconsin area during Labor Day weekend. Saturday and Sunday the Dairyland Surf Classic was in full swing. Yes, there are surfers who live near the shores of Lake Michigan and often enjoy riding the waves. In order for that to happen, the winds must come from the right direction in order to create those waves. The Monday before the surfing event the conditions were perfect and the surf was pounding. By the weekend, the winds had changed and Lake Michigan was subdued (but not totally flat). In spite of the fact that most of the surfing had to be surf paddling and the 58 degree F. temperature meant that people were bundled up, a good time was had by all.

The next day was a bit warmer and nature in the form of the Maywood nature center beckoned. The trails were uncrowded and occasional wildlife wandered unbothered by human interlopers. A flock of turkeys, an inquisitive faun, and a myriad of monarch butterflies went on with their daily lives. Leaves had started to turn their Fall colors and plants had begun to turn brown, a sign of colder times to come.

All in all, it was a good weekend free from the herds of travelers. Today, Monday, is a cool day of scattered thunder showers. Not a bad situation, I was given time to spend time looking at my plans for a trip to southern Spain in January.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed your side trip to Sheboygan's Labor Day weekend. May your travels be interesting and enjoyable.