Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things Soon to Come

In less than a week I'm off to southern Spain for 17 days. Excitement about places new to me is racing through my mind. Seville, Granada, Malaga are the three main stops, although there will be side trips as well. The only part of Spain that I've explored has been in in valleys of the Pyrenees along the Spanish-French border. Southern Spain with its Moorish influence will be new. I did spend a year teaching in Morocco, so I do have some feeling for North Africa. Anyhow, it will soon be time to wander down city streets savoring sights, sounds, and tastes. Camera will be in hand. Actually, cameras will be in hand as I plan on experimenting with my Sanyo Zio cell phone camera to unobtrusively capture people shots (something I've been reticent to do with a more visible camera). If the latter turn out well, I will post a few as well as those that I take with my Canon.

I may find time for a brief post or two during the trip. Otherwise, I certainly will have posts to share soon after the trip.

Thank you for visiting. You are always welcome. May your travels be interesting and enjoyable.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmasy Downtown Chicago

This week we traveled to Chicago to pick up our daughter who had spent the last two months exploring parts of Central America. While we were there, we took the opportunity to wander around downtown Chicago for a day to see the sights and do a bit of shopping. Even though it was cool, the Windy City was kind to us and there was no snowfall and we found even a bit of sunshine at time.

The glimpses you see in this post avoid the crowds of shoppers that were found even on a weekday. The city truly never sleeps . The decorated lion "guarding" the Art Museum;skaters at Millennium Park; a snow-covered distant park scene; a view from the 7th floor balcony at Macy's Department Store...all parts of the scene, and so much more that could be shown. It was a good visit in al respects.

Thank you once more for visiting. Please feel free to visit again. May your travels be interesting and enjoyable.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blizzard Wisconsin

I don't usually create posts so closely together, nor do I usually focus on nature shots in this blog. On the other hand, I suddenly remembered that what is mundane to people locally may be exotic to those who may never have a similar experience. Given that thought, here are images of my neighborhood as a winter blizzard comes to an end. Blizzards are winter storms that have both heavy snowfall and frigid winds. The snowfall is over, but the present wind chill at 4 PM is 0 degrees F and the temperature is still dropping. As Wisconsin is prepared for these conditions, schools, businesses, and life in general will go on as usual tomorrow morning.

Thank you for visiting. I hope that this was of interest for those who do not experience snow. t's been an interesting 24 hours and I, for one, look forward to the near future when the wind stops howling. I can't imagine living in a place where the wind sounds go on for days at a time.

May your travels be enjoyable and the winds be kind to you.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wisconsin's Door County

Our trip to southern Spain is still three weeks away. A winter blizzard is going to hit us with up to 15" of snow and high winds starting at midnight tonight and the large snowflakes have just started to fall. It's time to temporarily think of warmer times.

Wisconsin's Door County is a place of natural beauty,artists, apple and cherry orchards, vineyards and wineries. It is also a place that has areas of tourist-attracting glitz. In spite of the latter characteristic, I enjoy spending time there.I've included a little of each aspect in this post=a goat on a grass=covered rooftop, bits of artwork displayed out of doors, a conglomeration of tourist ""collectables" and a water view that includes the boat "Quo Vadis".
Quo Vadis, Latin for 'where are you going?" is a question that all those who travel face.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope that you enjoyed your visit. May your travels be both interesting and enjoyable.