Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Walldogs' Murals in Plymouth, Wisconsin

As we travel, one of the joys is to learn something about the communities we visit.  A short time ago,I took a 20 mile drive and wandered around the city of Plymouth, Wisconsin admiring its "walldog murals".  You may ask, "What're walldogs"?  The term "walldogs" refers to group of artists who painted the 21 colorful murals recently added to the buildings of downtown Plymouth in celebration of the city's history.   I had an enjoyable afternoon taking photos, occasionally returning friendly greetings, and just visually exploring.  Some of the walldogs's works  were in obvious locations, easily see.  Others were found in narrow alleyways.  The whole experience was a treasure hunt of sorts.

The walldogs' murals in these photos were some of my favorites, but there are many more.  It you'd like to see others and also learn a bit about Plymouth, Wisconsin (at one time the Cheese Exchange Capitol of the U.S.A.) you could follow this link:

Just a few more weeks before my next European adventure.  The focus will be Ireland-a week in western County Claire and another in Dublin and surrounding areas.  There'll also be a side trip to the Isle of Wight to see friends.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to come again.  As always, any visitor comment is appreciated. May your own travels be interesting and enjoyable.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuscan Flashbacks

Every so often, I change the photo folder selected as my screen saver. By doing so, I am visually prompted to remember times spent visiting and exploring different places. This, in turn, makes me consider if I really want to revisit a place and reminds me why I might want to do so. Lately, the photos of our 2006 trip to Tuscany, northern Spain, and France have been popping up on my netbook screen.

The images in this post all were taken in Tuscan Italy, a place that I would like to revisit some day. Most of the visit was spent in the old city part of Lucca, a place recommended by friends. Within the city, we traveled as those who lived there centuries ago-on foot. Narrow, winding streets suddenly opened into plazas of various sizes. In the plazas were churches, restaurants, and markets-all o which were colorful and interesting. The other aspect of Lucca that would draw me back is the warm and friendly people. What a fantastic combination in a relatively small location! There is a river scene here from Florence, a city that I definitely would like to spend more time exploring (only went there on a day trip).

Someday it would be good to revisit Italy, its Tuscan aspects and new areas as well. It will have to wait for a while, however, as new places are also in the plans-next stop is Ireland in May.

Thank you for visiting, feel free to stop by again. May your own travels e interesting and enjoyable.