Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ireland-First Visual Impressions

Although it has just been three days, I am certain that I will want to return. The friendliness of the Irish people, the beauty of the land, and the richness of its history are all pervasive. The photos here represent just the surface, but I wanted to start sharing my impressions with you.  More to come in greater detail in-between travel experiences.

May your own travels be interesting and enjoyable.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Ireland Bound


Wednesday I begin a trip in the reverse order that my ancestors traveled.  I'm looking to spending time in Ireland-a place with natural beauty and a rich history.  The start of the visit will be spent exploring  County Clare. Then, after a visit with friends on England's Isle of Wight, we will spend a week exploring Dublin and the surrounding area.  As always, camera will be readily available to capture impressions of people and place.  I hope to be able to post while traveling. Until then.......


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Travel-Making the Best of It





                                                 Mount Snowden

As I'm preparing for my first trip to Ireland, I'm wondering what the weather gods will bring us during our adventure. There are many steps you can take in your planning to ensure that you'll have the best time possible-the choice of location(s), possible activities, your travel companion(s). The totally unpredictable factor in any trip is the weather.

Unless your sole reason for a particular trip is to escape your local conditions and spend time on a warm and sunny pristine beach, flexibility is the key.  You need to be able to acknowledge the rain, fog, sudden chill or heat and move on with it.  If you enter the day with a positive attitude, you will find interesting things to enjoy in spite of it.  Close to three weeks in Wales, Scotland, and England  with daily rain come to mind.

The photos in this post were chosen with this attitude in mind.  Yes, a day that was less damp or cloudy would have been much better.  After all, we were just in each of those places for a few days.  On the other hand, someone who worked at Edinburgh Castle pointed out that by visiting the castle on a foggy day that was full of drizzle and mist helped us understand why so many novelists from Edinburgh have such dark themes.  He had a point, and his comment gave us a more positive perspective to what would have been a dreary, long day.

If the weather gods provide us with sunlight and blue skies so that we can enjoy the Emerald Isle, I won't complain.  If it is a bit damp and gray at time, there will still be things to see and do.  After all, I certainly won't dissolve if exposed to a little dampness.  If worse comes to worse, one can always retreat to a pub for a warming glass of Jameson's don't you know?

Thank you for visiting, please stop by again.  In the meantime, may your travels be both interesting and enjoyable. Trip to Ireland starts May 16;  I'll try a post or two along the way during the three weeks of the trip.