Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hallowell, Maine Raw

I've spent the last two weeks in Maine helping my father make the transition from a short stay in a nursing home back to single life in his home.  One day I took a walk along the main street (Water Street) of the town of his childhood.  Hallowell, Maine is a town rich in history.  It has also become a town catering to those who seek antiques and fabulous views of the Kennebec River.  I decided to share some images of those scenes in an unedited form.  You are seeing exactly what I did, no more and no less.

I have enjoyed the time with my father and am amazed at his rapid recovery. I also look forward to my return home in a couple weeks.

Thank you for visiting, feel free to come age.

May your travels be interesting and enjoyable.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Yarmouth Celebrations on the Isle of Wight

On our trip to Ireland, we took a four day break on the Isle of Wight between our stay in County Claire and our stay in Dublin.  As we were on that side of the Atlantic, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit our friends in England. After all, we were in the neighborhood, so to speak.

The first full day of our visit on the Isle of Wight, we all traveled to Yarmouth where a 12th annual festival was being held.  This was a really good experience-I always enjoy going to special events in places that I visit.  Think about it-you can learn a lot about a place when you go to a special celebration-what’s important to people, how they celebrate, families together enjoying free-time, special foods and activities.  This is a time when people are relaxed and “just doing their own thing”.

As Yarmouth is a port town, the main event was sailing ships and there were many of these. There were also bands, booths, and old machines and implements on display. To top it off, it was the week before the Queen’s Jubilee celebration.  I tried to capture it all using my small and inconspicuous GoPro HD2 camera.

There were some interesting scene to capture,  I liked the display of the Jubilee in the shop window-it was one of the better ones that I saw over the four days on the Isle of Wight. Obviously the Queen is of importance to those in England.  I heard positive comments about her in Ireland too- the recent visit of a  British monarch to independent Ireland  was a good thing in the eyes of many Irish people .

Other images that struck me  were diverse in their nature.  The young girl about to raise a gun at the shooting gallery in an attempt to win a prize-very out of character in a land where fire arms are strictly regulated. She looked so intent! Some of the other images that really struck me-the Spiderman marching band, the wheelers and dealers at the used goods market, the ancient  otherworldly designs under the bread display, and the red-coated drummer. It was a very enjoyable day.

Thank you for visiting the Tavern. I hope that you liked your stay and will stop by another time.  In the meantime, may your travels be interesting and enjoyable.