Friday, May 31, 2013

Waiting for New Orleans

                                              fishing boats on Sheboygan River

                                             crab apple blossoms in my back yard

                                              Black River  Marsh

                                              Black River Marsh

                                              Lake Michigan

                                             full moon from my front porch

                                               Blue Harbor resort on Lake Michigan

                                               Sheboygan riverfront

                                            Sheboygan Falls after a heavy rainfall

                                              Sheboygan light house

Lately I've spent time close to home for a variety of reasons, not a bad thing to do every so often.  Next week we'll take off to explore a city new to us-New Orleans, Louisiana. It's always exciting to travel to a new place, especially one that is rich in history and walkable.  New sights, sounds, foods, architecture, and cultures await.  Ah, to travel beyond the present horizon!  Photos and other impressions will be posted in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, I've been wandering around locally.  The area around Sheboygan, Wisconsin is worthy of exploration even after having lived here for more than 30 years.  Mostly I've posted in my other photo blogs-the ones in which I focus on nature, black & white, and my fish-eye lens camera. (If you're interested, click on the links found on the right side of this page.) I did think that I might make a post here of what you might discover if you chose to visit the Sheboygan area.

Thank you for stopping by.  Feel free come again and visit virtual New Orleans.  In the meantime, may your travels be interesting and enjoyable.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Traveler's Dilemma-the Familiar or the Unfamiliar?

                                              Apollo Beach, Florida

                                              Dublin, Ireland

                                                       Gulf Coast, Florida

                                             Ireland crab cakes




                                                                   Southern Spain

                                                 Tucson, Arizona

Where should I travel next?  To someone who enjoys travel, that question is always rolling around in the back of your mind. There are places that you have been and would like to revisit.  There are others that you have dreamed about going to someday. Finally, there are places that you've never even considered but hear about one way or another.  Unless you are a person of unlimited wealth and time, there are choices that have to be made.  One of the most difficult initial choices for me is to decide whether to go with the familiar or the unfamiliar.  The photos in this post were chosen to illustrate some of the different aspects of travel.  They are an eclectic set, as there are many reasons why I find travel both interesting and enjoyable.

There are places that I have been (southern Spain, Paris, Ireland, coastal Kenya, Florida, Montreal,southern France, Santa Fe) that I really enjoyed and would like spend more time exploring. On the other hand, there are so many other places that sound interesting to me that I haven't experienced. As I am NOT a person with unlimited wealth and time, I am going to need to be selective in my travel decisions. 

There was a time in my life, a few decades or so ago, when I would throw on a backpack and just travel.  I was never a trekker who explored the extremes, but I did manage to end up in some off the beaten path places.  My travel style has changed a bit, or more than a bit actually.  Still, I am interested in the new as well as the familiar.  I do set limits on the risks that I take in terms of personal danger in a place, although I must admit that my own country has become a place where a cautious traveler may be a hesitant visitor. In the best of possible worlds, people should be able to move freely from place to place and gain a better understanding of one another.  We're far from that at present, as must deal with the reality with the hope of improving it for the future.

Back to the initial focus after a brief interlude on travel philosophy.  Sorry! Given the personal constraints of time and wealth, there are still many choices just beyond my present horizon and I am sure that there are for you as well.  For 2013, I'm concentrating on my own country. To date, I've explored unfamiliar parts of Florida's Gulf Coast and spent time in Arizona (Phoenix and Tucson). In June there will be a week in New Orleans, a place rich in history and culture that I have never visited.  The summer has potential travels in my Mid-Western region with exploration in a new camper (caravan).  This Fall may bring a revisit to Philadelphia and a possible reconnection of the state of Maine where I was born.  The familiar and the unfamiliar for 2013 with a local (North American) focus.

My last statement just stuck me with an interesting question that may be discussed at another time in another post: "How do you as a traveler define "local?"

Thank you for stopping by the Tavern, feel free to come back again when you have time. In the meantime, may your own travels be interesting and enjoyable.