Monday, October 21, 2013

Philadelphia Revisited: Another Fine Five Days

It's a dangerous choice to revisit a place that you've had an exceptional time in. After all, travel memories are to be treasured. As you look at photos taken during past trips you may long to go back, but you hesitate because changes may have occurred. If that happens, your dreams seem to have turned to ashes.

We went back to Philly mainly because our younger daughter has settled there for the present. Last time we were struck by the walkable streets of central city, the quirkiness of its art presence, and its diversity of foods. When we returned, we were not disappointed-the Philly of of memories is alive and thriving! Old favorite places were revisited and new places (to us) were explored.  At times we were guided by our daughter who has really gotten to know the city, and at others we struck off on our own. Even the one day where we were faced with constant winds and rain was a day of diverse wonders.  Obviously I'm taken by the city and am not ashamed to admit it. Besides its historical significance in American history, it's the closest American city I've found that resembles the ambiance of a European city. Awesome!

I hope that you've enjoyed my attempt to give you a flavor of Philly and will stop by the Tavern again sometime.  Until then, may your travels be interesting and enjoyable.