Saturday, November 16, 2013

Maine Muses

Recently I revisited the town where I grew up (Augusta, Maine).  The main reason for traveling there wasn't nostalgia, but rather a chance to spend time with my 89 year old dad and help him move into an assisted living apartment complex.  The visit was good, I'm really happy that he's in an appropriate living situation and that he enjoys where he is.  Being a long-distance family member (1,500 miles away) isn't always the easiest, even for someone who loves to travel.

The river shot is one taken in Augusta while walking along the railway trail that parallels the Kenebec River.  Much has changed...the passenger trains that used to run from Boston to Augusta no longer do. The tidal river that used to reek of pollution from the paper mill runs pure and has Atlantic salmon. And I have a long white beard and walked side by side with Lori, my wife of 40 years.  Who would have known?  Certainly not the young man who left to move to Madison, Wisconsin in 1972 and rarely looked back.

The second shot, the one I call "Moon Over Maine", was taken as I was standing in the parking lot of a restaurant/hotel after seeing my dad off for the evening.  He actually wanted to try something new and go to a Mexican restaurant.  The restaurant had been there for a couple decades, but he'd never gotten around to going there. As he doesn't like spicy food and doesn't eat rice, he ended up having a Gringo Burger and a Bud Lite.  The thing is, in spite of not being adventuresome with his taste buds, at 89 he tried a new setting and we all had a fantastic time.

All this goes to show that in spite of constantly seeking whatever is beyond your present horizon, you can go home again (at least for a visit).  It was a good trip, especially as it was combined with a faamily visit in Philadelphia. Photos of Philly were posted earlier.

Thank you for visiting.  Please feel free to stop by again sometime.  If you want to catch up on just my photos before my next blog post, you can always visit my Flickr page by following this link:

Until the next time, may your travels be interesting and enjoyable.



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UNISON Birmingham Branch Secretaries said...
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Graeme Horn said...

Loved your cloud shrouded moon photo. Am looking forward to seeing your Florida report and pics.